12V45Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

 This Royal BAT-12V45AH calcium battery is a general purpose semi-sealed battery with a design life of up to 3-5 years in standby service. It uses specially alloyed calcium-lead, which ensures extremely low levels of 'electrolyte decrease'. Therefore there is no need to supplement distilled water if the charging system remains error-free. Special liquid-gas separators keeps the electrolyte inside. These separators are also used between the positive and negative plates of a lead acid battery to prevent a short circuit through physical contact. It's unique wrought lead-calcium grid design means less internal corrosion and efficient current conductivity for more power and longer life. It also cuts gassing, resists over-charge, heat and thermal runaway.

12V, SAE Post, 45AH Capacity
CCA -18˚C EN: 735
Terminal Layout Type: LHP (Centre)
Flame Arrestor: Prevents outside spark from causing explosions
Hydrometer: In a typical situation when the specific gravity drops to 1,100, the battery is fully discharged.
Heat Sealed Covers: Prevents leakage and contamination.
Exclusive Patented Liquid Gas Separator: Prevents Electrolyte loss by collecting and returning liquid to the reservoir.
Heat Sealed Covers: Prevents leakage and contamination.
Centered Cast-on Plate Straps: Stronger than the thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.
Wrought Lead-Calcium Grids: Over charge resistance. Less self discharge.
Low-Resistance Envelope Separators: Improve vibration durability.
Polypropylene Case: Light weight and easy to handle
Dimensions: 230mm (H) 240mm (l), 135mm (w)
Weight: 11.52 Kg 

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12V45Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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