4G/LTE Antenna and Pigtails

Have poor LTE coverage in your area and you struggle to get the best LTE wireless Internet connection?. We provide a wide range of 4G/LTE antennas, pigtails and connectors to help you boost your LTE Internet Connection in South Africa. These products help you to boost signal for Telkom Mobile LTE data Connection, Vodacom LTE Data Connection, Cell C LTE data Connection and also MTN LTE Data Connection for various LTE modems and Routers. Whether you have a TP-Link LTE Modem, TP-Link LTE router, a Huawei LTE Modem, Huawei LTE router or a ZTE LTE modem we can provide for you a compatible antenna. Many types of 4G LTE antennas to boost your LTE signals that you can shop online.  Select both outdoor LTE antennas and indoor LTE antennas to increase reception of your 4G  LTE modem or 4G LTE router. Simply connect the external antenna to the antenna interface of your router or modem and experience faster LTE Internet connection.
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